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Coal Mine Workers work and live under appalling conditions in Emalahleni

Lorainne Mine workers 20160624Lorraine Kakaza/Mpumalanga/240616

Coal mine workers live in the MNS informal settlement at Emalahleni which is found in the Mpumalanga province. The working conditions and the lives of mine workers at MNS has not changed. They earn between R2500.00 to R4500.00 a month and they are not registered with any government institutions (Department of Labour) They are not even allowed to join any trade union. They don’t have any protective clothing. They risk their lives everyday by exposing themselves to fine particulate which is a threat to their health and lung functioning. This will have an impact on them  and their families long after they stop working for the ( Liquid Mist) mine. The  workers live  in appalling conditions, squeezed into  a small room/shack without electricity  and water. They are forced to collect coal

Iike their fellow unemployed brothers, sisters and neighbors. All these happens 21 years into democracy under the government that claims to be protectors of the workers.