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Coal mines takes away water from the community


Lorraine Kakaza , Mpumalanga, 16th June 2016.

A truck everyday is spraying water while the residents of Mpumalanga town of Carolina and its surrounds have been unable to drink water from the tap.

Tour mines are behind the pollution of water, They are Northern Coal ,Mimosa Mine (operated by Siphethe Coal) , BHP Billiton’s Union Colliery and a mine operated by Msobo Coal.

The people who are staying at Carolina are losing their live stock. They either walk for a long distance or hire a car to go and collect water from the bare holes at Silobela, a location of Carolina town in order to drink or cook. This affects the whole community financially as well as time wasted, because they have to stand in a long queue to collect water.

This problem started by 2012 and it continues. This mines must be held accountable for breaking the law, people have lost hope they have protested in the past  but there is no change.