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Families in isolation for speaking out against water for mining Company

EltonThobejane20160621Elton Thobejane, Sekhukhuneland 21st June 2016

Five families from Ga-Kgwete village, Sekhukhune region in Limpopo province have been put in isolation by the Tubatse municipality of Municipality. They were denied municipal services including water supply and provision of RDPs since 2001.  The families pursued complaints against the Lebalelo Water Association after their blasting, their during water  for mines , pipe laying project,  severely cracked their houses.

The water supply system does not reach their homes in the village and they depend on the old fashioned self made bore holes the and extremely dangerous bucket system in the nearby bushes

The two affected families interviewed had expressed disgust and frustration towards the authorities for neglecting their basic right to life and water. Their neighbors have access to clean running water while they are enduring the brunt of sharing unclean water with animals, which increases the chances of being infected with all kinds of illnesses.

Lebalelo water association is the subsidiary of the mines within the Dilokong corridor. They supply the mines with raw water for their mining operations. The water pipe passes place where the five affected families live, to the mines.