Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Report from the Peoples Mining Charter Meeting Stay City, Berea, Johannesburg.

PMCmstspeaker20160626 (3)Community Monitors Alerts/ Lorraine Kakaza/ Mpumalanga/260616

 Comrades today we, from mining affected communities , are gathered because of poverty, loss of our identity, there’s hunger and  we face many challenges. The Freedom Charter was establish in 1955 were its state that we the people have to govern. This has turned out to be lies.

We say today we as the mining communities gathered here  affirm our support to the (People’s Mining Charter) and in doing this we affirm our right to participate  and contribute, and to enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development in which all fundamental human freedom rights can be fully realized


We were joined by comrade Augusto from (MST-brazil). Joseph Mathunjwa (President of  Àmcu)  Comrade Zwelinzima vavi and Dumsane from AMCU. they were all on the panel to give words of support


Mr  Mathunjwa said he was very much humbled to be with to us, the organisers and all people who gathered today.