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Elders in Motlhabe Mining Village say “Its useless to vote but we will vote for our children”

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The local elections are just around the corner; it is expected that residents should vote. President Jacob Zuma has declared 03 august 2016 be a national holiday ‘the municipal elections public holiday’, the purpose was to enable all South Africans who are eligible to exercise their right by 03 august 2016.

By d 27th of July I visited a nearby tavern where I knew I would find plenty of medium and old age people.

Mr Maine, Mr Moabi;MrKhumalo,and Mr Thebe, they have all lived in Motlhabe Village for more than 4 decades now and they all say that  it is useless for them to vote for the local elections, because they will benefit nothing from it as they are all grown up, ”It is useless for us to vote but I will vote just for the sake of my children. I hope one day there will be a change and developments in my community” said Mr Maine.

They all made it clear to me that they wont vote because of the municipality does nothing for the community as they live in a very poor village filled with un-employed youth. ‘It is very sad to raise a child or a grand child for so long till they finish their matric and the next thing you have to live and share your pension money with them, sometimes you would find that a parent is un-employed with about 3 or 4 children and they all depend on  grants and you as an uncle/grandfather  would have to take part and help the family survive’ said Mr Jarios Moabi.

Jacob Zuma says it is important that citizens are granted an opportunity to exercise this right freely” but they aren’t granted the opportunity to receive what they need as the community, in Motlhabe village a large number of about 150 youth has been employed by EPWP and the municipality, groups have been formed to keep the community clean. Un-employment rate has been high all the previous years , but now a large number of people is being temporary employed . The question is are they trying to silence them from protesting  or are these jobs a bribery so people could vote?