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Fracas Between Local Limpopo Activists and Police

PoliceA20160708 PolicreB20160707Elton Thobejane/Sekhuneland.Limpopop/ 7thJune2016

Yesterday community of Ga-Mampa village in the Tubatse local municipality in Limpopo found themselves head on with heavily armed police after they went to Mecklenburg local police station to demand that the police remind the man commonly known as Ma-seven, who used to be a community leader, of his due date to return the property and all personal belongings he bought with the money from the community trust meant for development.

It is reported that the former community leader succumbed to community pressure and swore in a written statement that he will return everything he bought himself with the money from the community trust.

The police fired rubber bullets to disperse people who gathered at the police station after they refused leave the premises.

The fracas ensued and the comrades retaliated by throwing stones and damaged the police station

One comrade was shot on the leg with live bullet and was admitted to Moroke hospital?

24 comrades were arrested

Community members met today to raise funds for legal representative and bail.

The trust money was in question formed part of the environmental memorandum handed  last year when we supported the protest march to Sefateng Chrome Mine.

The situation is very tense and the helicopter is hovering constantly to patrol the village.