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No respect for the Dominionville community, nobody bothers to explain

Dominionville20160705Jo Mashilo , Klerksdorp, Justice and Peace 5th June 2016

For a community such as Dominionville in Klerksdorp, the indigent subsidies from government plays an important part. However, the main problem remains having to wait for months to get the subsidy in a form of 20 liters of paraffin. They call it free basic alternative energy. Community members interviewed said they got paraffin in Sep, Aug and Dec 2015.It then stopped. They struggle for months without this source of energy, until May, when a contractor came and distributed. Ever since they are gone.

The tender process on this matter is corrupt. There is no respect for the community. There is no explanation from whoever. Several other projects in the area are run the same way, including the mining of gold and uranium. Nobody from the authorities bother to explain to the community. Dominionville is a place for mining companies and government to do as they wish.