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Police hunt down community activists in Ga-Mampa

15th July 2016

Uenice, Ga-Mampa Monitor, Sekhekhuneland, Limpopo

On 7th July the  community of Ga-Mampa village in the Tubatse local municipality in Limpopo found themselves head on with heavily armed police after they went to Mecklenburg local police station to demand that the police remind the man commonly known as Ma-seven, who used to be a community leader, of his due date to return the property and all personal belongings he bought with the money from the community trust meant for development.

A week later police is now hunting down community activists.

They conducted early morning raids on homes. They broke down doors, Some  of the comrades  where  not there  but during  this attack  they arrested  one, his name us David Mphoka. The pictures  show the houses  that  police  went and destroy  their  house  during the search.

GaMampa20160714 (3) GaMampa20160714 (3)This report was reported in our  SCMAC  group  chat  in Sepedi. It is by Ga-Mampa monitor. UENICE