Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Pyrite attack on community Houses

Thabo Elton/Ihawu Lemvelo/Mpumalanga/21st July2016

The community of Vosman Witbank Emalahleni in Mpumalanga province WhatsApp-Image-20160720are faced with a tremendous problems  about the coal mines that operate near the community of Vosman. Since those coal mines began also the problems began.. where large amount of acids are being discharged to the nearby river that has resulted in eliminating the existing vegetation and changes to the general topography of the area, more especially wetlands situated near the river banks. Pyrite began to show in the nearby communities it was more visible in the houses, rocks and rivers where the pyrite began to destroy foundation of the houses, compelling the poor community to destroy their houses and relocates to other areas. Some members of the community Could not afford to relocate. They are forced to face the situation. They used to have access to the Oliphant Catchment that passes by the community of Vosman but that was destroyed and that is what we call development ? The question of the community is that ” what will be the solution for this situation; and who will be held accountable” ?