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Residents say that alcohol, a serious problem in Motllhabe mining village

Buda Lentswe, (Motlhabe Village) Bua MC

The Irresponsible use of alcohol is a serious issue world-wide. Alcohol must be used during celebration moments, like weddings or birthdays, but nowadays people celebrate everyday, some consume alcohol more than they consume water, this has become a very big issue in my community.

In the previous centuries alcohol was used largely for medicinal purpose, today its like the solution of every problem.  Alcohol has seriously affected the community as nowadays it is for sale to pupil under the age of 18. This results very bad to the community as it can lead to crime, prostitution, drop-outs at schools, teenage pregnancy and it also increases un-employment, this issue also affects the schools as it can affect the matriculants passing rate.

The mines nearby also has an influence in this matter because they bring men from other places who take advantage on young girls and introduce them to alcohol and drugs.                    Alcohol abuse can destroy families and make people lose their jobs, it also affects your reputation and dignity.

An old man of 74 years old who decided to remain anonymous said  “Alcohol has taken my wife away from me. In 2009 i received my pension money from the mine, i dived too much into alcohol and it always lead me into cheating, i would sometimes spend a night away from home and always make excuses to my wife and become very bossy and controlling. I hardly spent time with my wife. I was always found at the nearby Tavern and my wife had enough and she divorced me. I have no children, I have no soul mate and now i have to spend the last days of my life alone”.

Alcoholism is not a destination but a progression, a long road of deterioration in which life issues continuously worsens. Heavy alcohol and alcoholism can lead to serious organ damage and memory problems, sometimes people drink because they feel that they must, try to forget or escape from their lives, and forget their troubles or drown their sorrows.

A 27 years old mother and wife, who is a tavern owner talked about the problems in her Tavern.   ” In the past I was able to keep under age children away from my tavern but this would not work today. Nobody can spend much in alcohol as school kids.  I also tried to convince my everyday customers as they were getting in heavy debts that they should try to reduce the way they use alcohol. Unfortunately, the results were not as i expected, one replied to me and made it clear that he spend it his own money on his alcohol. Some some they started being distance and they moved to other liquor stores, and that caused me to lose  costumers,”

waterMotlabe20160715 (5)Alcoholism and alcohol abuse affects the community as whole very badly as it leads to car accidents where you find some drive very badly on small passages. And death comes very easy. Sometimes there are those people who visit schools to teach pupil about sex and HIV and AIDS, but its very rare to find those who educate them about alcohol as it is also  the main cause of HIV and AIDS  and teenage  pregnancy, this issue can be reduced if  it could be emphasized to pupils.