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Sale of Jobs in Mines Creates Conflict in Community

jobs meeting20160721 (1)Mahadio , Justice and Peace , Klerkdorp 21 July 2016

Members of Kanana community, the Kanana Unemployed Forum organised a meeting with the community at Kanana Mpheqeke stadium on the 14th of July. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issues of nepotism and bribery in giving jobs in the mines.

People from Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland come and plot/stay here in Kanana .They are  one’s who get  employed via bribery/nepotism. The thing is when they arrive in Kanana they stay in municipal hostels, selling fruit and vegetables. They wait to buy jobs in the mines.

It was last year November when the Kanana Unemployment Forum   decided to confront human resource manager of Tau Lekoa and gave him the name of people whom we know they are offering bribery jobs in mines. After some time, we head that the management chased away all those people who were offering bribery jobs, but still this practice continues. Jobs are being sold in all 11 shafts including Tau Lekoa and Anglo Gold Ashanti