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Sasolburg Tap Water comes out like Beer

Rhona Riet, VEJA, Sasolburg 6th July,2016

SasolburgTapWater20160706Sasolburg tap water. Yesterday water was coming out slow and today our water is dirty. When I just boiled the water, there is no difference, it is still muddy

And people are not worried they believe it’s just muddy water

I did follow up and people told me

“ We didn’t sleep, our stomachs were upset”.

“ It was flashing all night and that bad smell coming from their zinc”  .

“ When I drink it, yoh I didn’t drink it my maag saal mos nou spoel if I drink it”

And I went to the informal settlements they have been drinking this dirty water for some time and they have same problem of the flashing system and bleeding nose

In my personal experience ….me and my sister we had a bleeding nose yesterday. Could this be linked with the water quality?

One lady told me a pipe burst so they were exchanging the pipes saying that’s why it looked so muddy.
In all of this and we were not as residents notified by the municipality what the problem was.