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Water from the river smells like “Jik”

Tokelo/ Sekutlong Community at Limpopo (S.C.M.A.C)

We have been drinking water from Motse River  that is polluted by the mine acid drainage Twickenham. As the result we experience diarrhea. The municipality started the water supply project after that they failed to finished the project.

sekutlong 20160715 (7) sekutlong 20160715 (6)On the 11 June 2016 Sekutlong village received water from municipality only to find out that water is not on good quality it smells “jik” and when we cook it seems like  it is not good as the water we usually used to cook with.

We are really risking our healthy to drink this water and our government does not care about our health. And we are sure about this water has been fetched from Tubatse river because they are not clean at all.