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We have started our search for alternatives to coal


Who said we women  will  wait without action  after the inspiring workshops we had around  energy. It  starts  with us, then we take it to the rest of the community, Yes I just started  I don’t  have  to wait  I’m doing  this. I’m tired of paying  the electricity  with the money I don’t  have .Where must I take the money to pay for it. This is the alternatives. We can’t rely on coal everyday  I will make sure  I don’t  contribute  in the climate  changes that the world  is facing . But I will  support  and teach about  the alternatives.Touch……. Women  let’s go………Solar energy  you are next. I’m tired of giving  coal mines  go ahead  by buying electricity, It  is not that I’m not developed from the rural   areas. NO if development  means  to destroy  our world .I will  use cow dung, woods solar…AlternativeTocoal20160718 (1)