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Elton Thobajane, Cde Mapale (Leshwaneng), Cde Lovie (France)

Lent2016-08-10 at 5.18.14 PMCommunity of Leshwaneng at Ribacross and France in Driekop located within the Greater Tubatse Municipality Limpopo are complaining about the weak electricity installed by Eskom contractors in their households.

This community embarked on a series service delivery protests blocking the R37 main road last year demanding water and electricity supply, putting the Greater Tubatse local Municipality under severe pressure. as a result the municipality had to facilitate the appointment of the electrical contractor by the power utility.

The electric installations to the houses including commissioning were completed in November last year but the project became major part of electioneering and party political showdown building up to the recent local elections subsequently delaying the connection to the power grid to a mere three days prior elections.

Few days later but after elections, members of these communities realised that the power is too weak to even operate the washing machine and cooking stoves among others, in one household they cant even switch on lights.

Apparently they have complained to Eskom about the problem but they were told that for Eskom to increase the power from 20amps each household will  have to pay R6000.00.

Leshwaneng settlement is 9 years old but France was established in the early nineties, both communities are affected by Samancor chrome mine and Modikwa platinum mine. The water supply project is contained within the Modikwa SLP of 2013 but nothing is forthcoming. They are currently buying a drum (200 litre) at a cost of R40.00 from neighbouring villages.

This is a very devastating and frustrating situation for these communities especially vulnerable families.