Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Cracked houses that’s all we got after Bokoni mine consultants made promises of better life

Community Monitors Alerts/ Comrade Selowa/ Monamaeste, Sekhukhune/15 August 2016



In 2002 it was announced that the Braakfontein shaft will open by Bokoni consultant, on their consultation was not fair and clear. They organise meetings during the week and in the morning where most of community are not available to attend.

They promised elders that they are going to create jobs for their young ones and ensure that they hire one person on every household.

Even today nobody has been hired, shame poor elder they just benefit houses which are cracked. In 2014 march 28 everybody moved to new side which they did not feel comfortable for three first days whereby they slept on darkness due to fact that their houses was not electrified. The elder are failing to collect their livestock

This are houses to be rebuild as results of cracks build by Bokoni. The graves are still behind on old places.