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Dust threatens my family with TB

Olebogeng Motene/BuaMC/4thJuly 2016ChanengDust2016-08-04 at 10.08.51 AM

16:34pm Chaneng Ramogotsi section. Dust from Rplats Styldrift mine shaft,  blown into the community. This dust is from dumps around the mine. The community started experiencing respiratory challenges from 2014 when the mine began with their dumps.

My father went to the doctor early May and it was found that  he has dust particles in his lungs and was advised to get TB tests at the local clinic. The rest of the family was also asked to get tests.

The dust levels are higher when there are strong wind and dusting one’s furniture is pointless. The mine has put up a to few dust buckets at some points in the community  to measure the dust , but no one has ever heard the results as to whether they are complying with the air quality standards or not. They have also planted trees along the river but not within the community where trees are highly needed.