Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Dominionville will always be a ghost village

Community Alerts/ Lesego/ Dominionville-North West/ 16 September 2016


The problem about our community is, burning issues are raised, and then followed by promises, but nothing promising will really materialise. We have seen researchers and activists in various fields coming to our area and writing reports which will never reach the community as feedback. The community quality of life and livelihood haven’t changed considering the ever changing times in today’s life. There are people serving the community structure as leaders; however nothing can be pointed as an achievement. We don’t see interventions from the authorities whom we put into power; their action demonstrate a complete ignorance to the needs of the community. In becoming specific to our community issues, we want to see the school which got burned renovated and up- running again. Further than that we want access to the land, we can work it and produce food, the question is how do we achieve it without water, let the department of water affairs and the Dr. Kenneth Kauda come down to us to address us on water problems. Access to clean water has always been an issues here, we can never be sure to which extent we consume clean water because we are situated next to the Shiva uranium mine which pollutes the water and the air.