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Izinyoka must fall!!!

Community Alerts/ Lentswe Buda/ Rustenburg-Motlhabe/ 24 September 2016


On the 21st of September 2016, a very sad incident had happened. People lost access to electricity because of Izinyoka. They’ve cut and stolen cables.

In Motlhabe and other villages nearby, people have been complaining about electricity cables stolen for so many years. This thing it has been happening continuously and not even one had ever been caught.  Innocent people were always accused and suspected without evidence. It’s so sad to claim a cable at Eskom every month. The communities are very upset and had enough of these Izinyoka’s.  They have been looking for these people for so many years now.  In 2015 a man was killed at a place called Mabiskraal. he was accused of stealing cables and it happened that at the end of the day he wasn’t guilty . So the community of motlhabe they wanted to have evidence before accusing one,to prevent doing a mistake like that one.(legodu le tshwarwa ka morwalo).


Mme Dimakatso Molefe a single mother who only live with her 6years old daughter and a 15years old niece. She says on the 21st of September 2016,(Wednesday) around 01:00am. She heard footsteps from outside her house,and surprisingly the light from out side was off, she looked out the window as she sees a man rolling her cable. She opened a window and screamed calling the neighbour’s and the man ran away with the cable.


The community arrived at her place she told them what happened. They separated in groups hoping they might find him and they find a Zimbabwean guy on a Volkswagen golf 1.4  parking roadside. They suspected him and it happened he was 1 of those people.


The community was called out around 02:00am .  they tried torturing him to tell who he is working with or who works for him he refused to tell a thing. “You can beat me as much as you want but please don’t kill me”, said the Zimbabwean guy.


He was brutally beaten up until around 11:00am  and his car was set on fire. The first two cops to come they said”you could have killed him we’ve had enough of these guy’s, we always arrest them and the government releases them”, and they stood aside and watched. The ambulance arrived later on  but the community refused to let him go. Up until more cops came and they released him from the mob. Two more Zimbabwean guy’s were also caught and the police arrested them. They escorted the ambulance out of the crowd. Unfortunately the man who was brutally beaten up he died before he could reach Moses Kotane hospital.


” The man didn’t deserve to die. But he deserved to spend a lifetime behind the bars, today I have to use fire to cook,I have to Wake up early  make fire for the kids to have a warm bath,I use candles at night, we don’t have street lights in our village now I can’t even go to the toilet at night, these days life is very hard without electricity”said Mme Dimakatso Molefe.


Mr Dipolelo Moremi who also lost his cable couple of month’s back and eskom managed to help him soon. He says to win the battle against the Izinyoka guys you must dig for your cable, he had to dig about 1,5m deep. And now he feels that his cable is safe.



The zim people had never been suspected to do such a thing as they look so innocent and and they are very helpful to the community as they provide us with things we cannot do for ourselves.This is one of the results of mining in mining communities, as it causes overcrowding that leads to diseases and high rate of crime. U can barely find outsiders on an area with no mine operating nearby.


Mina ngithi phansi nge ma mine!