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Madibana community in Thekwana and Mfidikoe

Community Alerts/Kenny Pholose/ Rustenburg- Madibana Community/ 19 September 2016


Madibana community in Thekwana and Mfidikoe Rustenburg under Royal Bafokeng Authority on the farm 302JQ which the community is disputing at Mafikeng high court and Randburg Land Court are been harassed again. Descendants of the buyers of the farm have been refused to be allocated on new residential and business stands for couple of years.They allocated themselves after being ignored.”it is clear that even after 22 years of democracy old Native laws and Traditional courts bill are  still working on people under traditional leadership,where are our constitutional rights.People from other provinces have RDP  houses around us we are sick and tired of living on the homelands at this time of the era let the LRC intervene because they are our Messiah in this sufferings”said Shimane Phiri an activist.now they are facing possible removal and demolish of their property on their land as invaders,encroachers and illegal occupiers of their own land by Royal Bafokeng Authority