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Mine senior managers & the business forum to cash in on road construction worth R165m

Community Alerts/ Elton Thobejane/Limpopo/05 September 2016


The construction of 20km gravel road to tar from Mathule junction via Serafa, Makgake,Mongatane, Ntswaneng,Modimole villages connecting to hackney shaft of Twickenham Mine in the Sekhukhune land Limpopo province, is to be awarded to one of the biggest companies in roads and stormwater construction industry.

The site inspection for construction if this road including three bridges was held on tuesday the 2nd at Twickenham shaft. During the inspection questions were asked how will the affected communities and the local small medium enterprises going to benefit from this massive construction hence the prerequisite is 9CE grading but the answer to this was not clear.

A recipe for disaster is the announcement of crusher sands and G3 material supply from the crusher plant which is owned by leaders of both workers unions who where vocal against the mechanisation( New Mining Technologies ).

It is believed that Anglo is the biggest contributor to the budged and some small mining companies contributing to a small portion. Road Agency Limpopo is to adjudicate the process .The consulting engineers were very cagey on this information but it is very clear that Twickenham mine and the so called local business forum will micro-manage the project. It is a very well understood tendency of the Leadership of the Forum to connive with the management of the mine ensuring that they reap the rewards of the infractructural developments meaned for affected communities in the name sustainable collaboration and economic emancipation of local business people .

The majority of the local people are not even aware of this tender processes unfolding hence they will have less or nothing to their benefit.

Compiled by Elton