Tunatazama - Community Monitors

RDP houses in Phomolong Hennenman extension 1 without owners.

Community Alerts/ Santos Phukuntsi/ Free State- Phomolong/ 22 September 2016

These RDP houses were built in 2014; it is surprising that they are still vacant when there are poor families living in squatters and shacks in the informal settlements without proper infrastructure. Windows are broken doors and toilet systems are stolen. These houses are now turned into hiding a place by thugs. This practice will undoubtedly create a situation where homeless people will illegally occupy the houses and after having done so conflicts will then arise between the illegal occupants and the rightful beneficiaries. This situation shows clearly the maladministration by corrupt municipal officials. They lack project managerial skills and clearly demonstrate incompetence in the delivery of housing while millions of South Africans need houses, the is no way that an RDP house can be built without a beneficiary, they are outside there patiently waiting to be told which house and when to occupy their houses, the problem is in the system of the delivery of housing. Once people illegally occupy these houses it will now be a matter of evictions at the high cost on the side of the municipality. An intensive investigation will be conducted on the matter and shall further be reported on Action Voice articles.