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Sibanye mine delivers VIP toilets which are not a community’s choice

Community Alerts/ Jack Botopela/ Rustenburg- Kroondal Ikemeleng/ 21 September 2016


Since 2008 the community of Ikemeleng where using portable toilets which are unsafe and unclean, So Sibanye Mine promised to contribute by building new and Ventilated Improved Toilets for the community of Ikemeleng in 2015. Since June 2016 Sibanye Mine delivered as promised to the community. Sibanye Mine issued a contract to build toilets for the community. Up until now the Sibanye Contact have covered most of the houses with new toilets and they are still busy even now. This Sibanye Contact also helped the Community of Ikemeleng with Employment. This was what the previous community leaderships deliver as promised to the people but the toilet model was forcefully chosen and not agreed upon at the mass meeting as a result of unhealthy and the safety of the toilet but because the community is divided. Some community members are not happened y about them more especially those who know the impact.but some agreed upon the toilet model as a result that they don’t have either nor one to use…and they are unfairly distribution, not according to the map and to  those who needed them most