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 Taxi of murders

Community Alerts/ Goitse Morake/ Rustenburg-Motlhabe/ 22 September 21016


Two school pupils have escaped by running for their lifes.”They were four in the taxi, and two females where the ones chasing me I got help from one family when I entered the section. When they saw them they ran back to the taxi and it drove away”said a 12years old victim whom his granny bagged not to mention his name.”We fear for our children’s lives they are not safe, am only hurt because I can’t afford to pay for a transport money for him to go to school”

His granny added. What really surprises us is that the taxi (jinbei quantum ) has two different plate number its GP in front and NW at the back we reported to the police and up to so far we haven’t heard from them again. Every parent is worried about his or her child and some even take them to school every day to and fro and wait for them to guarantee their safety.