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The world is changing and every decision we make has consequences

Community Alerts/ Lorraine Kakaza/Mpumalanga-Carolaina/ 02 September 2016


Today at the IUCN at the opening at the world conservation congress at Hawaii now at 09:30 am  with the theme of the world is changing. Planet at the cross is up to you to choose as we are living at this extraordinary planet we came across with many obstacles when it to the air that we breath, the species, land, climate change due to the destruction  and we are the stewards of nature we need to work together that is why today we have more than 7 000 people coming from NGO’s, communities, activist, policy makers, indigenous people, private sector, scientists to play a specific role as we all know that nature is something we entitled too.

From the theme we are trying to connect we need to be aware and understand that the ecosystem is collapsing as we are living  at the extraordinary time

It takes a village to race a child but today we are saying its takes a planet to raise a child we refer to mother nature climate change and the population,globalisation we need to mobilise around climate change cause its to late that is why we have media we need to work together to bring change we need clean air, electricity  and we need to empower young people

Greater understanding is that every decision we make has consequences.