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Too much water is wasted in public schools.

Community Alerts/ David Mokoena/ Gauteng- Sebokeng / 21 September 2016

During the past two weeks I went out to research about wasted water at primary schools in my community. Then I met with an old teacher, Miss Mokoena who is my former teacher at Tjabaa Tsatsi primary school in Zone 11 Sebokeng, she then invited me to her school to see the strategy that they came up with and which they think is helping in using water wisely.

Miss. Mokoena explained how they found that there was too much of the water wasted by learners. “We had a huge problem where every time children playing at the tap water. Children from grade 2 to grade 5, so you can see how water is wasted” said Miss. Mokoena as she continued “Even when they go to the kitchen (feeding scheme) you find some of the water end up flooding at the pavement. We are facing very difficult situation of water storage. This is why we came up with this campaign called water wisely use”.

They monitor the usage of water and the importance of how water should be used correctly and wisely. “After we use the water, may be for cleaning  the hands, we then water the plants and trees with the same water .This initiative helps us Environmental and Healthy wise, and if this can be adopted at every schools, It can work for everyone and will improve Healthy lifestyles because learners will be taught and understand the importance of having clean water and how wisely can be used because every drop count” said Miss. Mokoena.