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Unemployment is growing high in our communities.

Community Alerts/ Mathapelo Thobejane/Limpopo/ 11 September 2016


This is where you will find our youth gathered desperately to release stress of not working.when I was speaking to some of people from Manjekane in Tubatse sekhukhune district of Limpopo. Yes gentle men where gathered at the shop  some where playing dice, cards , drinking, smoking while  some where just sitting and  discussing. As we arrive at the shop everyone stopped and concentrate on us as I was with  the white man  they came to us and ask us how many people we want to hire but it was a disappointing  news when we tell them we are here to join  them, so they continue  with what they where  doing. Now the mine Twickenham has retrenched up to 1100 employees so you can imagine how life is like in our communities now. This is where people met every morning and afternoons.