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Village named after a river struggle with water access

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Rustenburg-Motlhabe/27 September 2016


Motlhabe village is one of the rural mining area’s struggling with water. Access to water has been an issue ever since, this nowadays its worse as rivers are always dry. Most especially during dry periods. During rainy periods its better.

“Pula nana re tla dika re kgotse”

The are two mines operating close to Motlhabe village,being (PPM and RMDC) producing platinum and chrome .PPM is the one that is mostly affecting the community as it is very close to the village, truck and vans causing a lot of dust resulting to diseases, blasting causing cracks on our homes and not to forget overcrowding. The mine is costing the community a lot but now the mine is in process of providing people of Tlhatlhaganyane and Mabiskraal with water. While we the one who are mostly affected by this mine we still don’t have access to water. The community isn’t told about   this, all we see is pipes lined roadside from the mine Motlhabe to Tlhatlhaganyane.

This doesn’t sit well to the community as they don’t understand what is going on. They just provided a number of 10 with jobs .