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Villagers terrorised by wild dogs

Community Alerts/ Elton Thobejane/ Limpopo/ 05 September 2016


The community of Dithabaneng and Dikgopheng in the Greater Tubatse Municipality where out in the look out for a group of domestic dogs turned abandoned wild dogs.

It is believed that the dogs were dumped by white people working in the nearby mines, they breed and multiplied .

This are very dangerous dogs and they are always in a groups, they scavenge on livestock such as goats, sheeps and even chickens.

It is reported that a school girl known as Daphney from Ditwebeleng village was attacked and severly injured by this dogs while on her way back from school and also a teenager from Makhudu family was chased but fortunately managed to run for his life.

These communities were tipped off after the dogs killed two goats this morning at Dithabaneng village and they embarked on a hunt.

Members of these communities are terrified by the growing number of this dogs as it pose threat to their lives and that of their livestock .


Maotsi Communities along the R37 road, Tubatse Limpopo