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We are risking our health by drinking dirty water and our government doesn’t care

Community Alerts/ Comrade Tokelo Mahlakoane / Limpopo/ 11 September 2016


We as Sekutlong community that situated next to Thokoane primary school and R37 road in Sekhukhune district in Burgersfort. We been drinking water from Motse river long years ago before Twickenham mine operate, so now the mine is operating the water we used to drink is polluted by mine acid drainage. We as community we experienced lot of diseases like TB, Bad skin, headache and stomach running. The “Greater Tubatse municipality” came to our village and started water supply project, after they realized that the project they’ve started didn’t function, they started to deliver water with a truck. The paining part is that when the water is comingto our village we as community we must put tanks on the street, just imagine about the elders who leave alone who can’t fetch that water on the street. That water come once in a two months, we used to bath, drink and wash we finished it within a month. The water is smelling bleach and I experienced headache and stomach pain and it seems like they pour too much chemical to kill germs because they collect that water in Tubatse river on top of that when we Cook it seems like is not good enough, we saw “mahobe” is like you pour soap inside the pot.

We are risking our health by drinking that water and our government doesn’t care about that.