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We can’t eat parks and swimming pools

Community Alerts/ Joe Mashilo/ Klerksdorp-North West/ 10 September 2016


The construction of the  swimming  pool for the  community  of  kanana by the Anglo gold Ashanti is in process. The unemployed youth  of this  community said it mouth full that they  can’t eat parks, swimming pools, ect. I speaking to two young  people today   next to a place  the swimming  pool were  the swimming pool is  being  built, one  of  them said, this kind  of developments should have taken place twenty years ago, now is the time for the Anglo gold to  invest more in education and job creation. The unemployment levels are very high in kanana despite rich in mineral resources. The unemployed forum argues that the swimming pool will not create jobs as it will be managed by the municipality. The youth in kanana support any development which which will create employment and alleviate suffering. At the moment the current projects by the Anglo gold Ashanti, such as soup kitchen, swimming pool do not create sustainable jobs.