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Brief background of the community of Lephalale

Community Alerts/ Gilbert/ Limpopo-Lephalale/ 02 October 2016


Let me share the historical of our area (LEPHALALE) Lephalale or Ellsras is a coal mining area in the Limpopo province of South Africa immediately east of the Waterberg Coalfield….The town was established as Ellisras in 1960 and named after the original farm owners, Patrick Ellis and Piet Erasmus. In 2002, Ellisras was renamed Lephalale by the provincial government of Limpopo, after the main river that crosses the municipality. Lephalale is divided into three main subsection, Lephalale (town), Onverwacht, Marapong(township) and 34 villages is derived from the Setswana meaning “to flow”

Click the link: http://www.lephalale.gov.za/developments/mining.php