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RDP houses project turned into disaster and left community of Rankelenyane helpless

Community Alerts/ Graffis Botopela/ Rustenburg-Rankelenyane/ 09 October 2016


In 2009 the government issued a budget to the community of Rankelenyane in rustenburg near Marikana(North west) later that year community leaders cameup with a story that the budget is to low to cover the community of Rankelenyane, so the community and community leaders agreed on this terms of RDP houses will be built for the old and poor people first due to the budget. During the end of the year 2010 the project started.The project holders hired workers from the community which was a good thing but bad thing was this people knew nothing about building houses,so they made so many errors and till today not even 1 house is complete it’s been 6 years. An 86year old male, a father of a an 18 year old teen they live in a 1 room shack there is no privacy and space their only hope was the RDP house witch they can’t live in now because its unfinished and unsafe