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Recycling is the youth last resort


Community Alert/Nthabiseng Leshowe- Dominionvile-North West/ 21 October 16


Dominionville is a small village in North West province under Dr kenneth kaunda district municipality. In our community, we are having about a total number of 100 youth aged between the ages 18 to 35 who are currently not working, more painful is, and among them some have matriculated. The reality is they cannot find employment, they cannot either  further their studies, for the major of them to survive they have to go and dig some old trenches of cable lines from the old Dominionreefs mine, this is sees as a survival and sometimes can be seen as that they are on the wrong side of the law . Some are surviving by collecting other recyclable materials such as plastics and paper.

Unemployment is a negative in our community, you may be skilled, qualified willing to work, but this does not guarantee you will get work,  I am afraid that this frustrations can result to loss of sense of purpose in life and lead to a feeling that we are losing control over our life’s