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This Community inhale toxic dust

Community Alerts/ Mathapelo Thobejane/21 October 2016


This is a short story from the people of Monametsane at Atok Sekhukhune region in Limpopo.

During windy weather conditions, air pollution becomes worse, this happens because the dust from the tailing dam blows to our houses. When talking to one lady staying in the community, with a view of getting how she feels, she said they are living in unbearable dusty conditions; this makes them to clean their houses from time to time and each day. The dust is all over the house creates a cleaning burden and I must say it is a hard household job, said the lady who preferred to be anonymous. The lady mentioned that they don’t have a choice, but to cope with the day to day dust posed by the mining activities in the area. After my talk with her, something came to my mind and asked myself this question, What about health risks of this community under this unbearable conditions?.