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Water access and unemployment

Community Alerts/ Lentswe Buda/ Rustenburg-Motlhabe/ 06 October 2016


Our home Motlhabe village found in Rustenburg, village named after a very sandy river which is now very dry. In the olden days the only access of water they had was from the river, Today we use Boreholes, and they can’t even provide the whole community, some buy water and very expensive, those who have boreholes on their homes they take it as an opportunity to make money.

I spoke with brother Michael and brother Ndule, they are both unemployed and they provide people with water, using donkey cart to deliver,” we are are surrounded by mines on our community we sell 10 of 25 liters of water with only R40.00″. Said brother Ndule.


Unemployment in Motlhabe is very high, and this issue increases crime, sometimes people do bad things not because they love to but they’d be confused or starved.Poverty can turn you into someone/something you are not .We all have dreams but life can sometimes turn them into nightmares.