Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Water crises in Mmaditlhokwa

Community Alerts/ Alex Salang/ Rustenburg-Mmaditlhokwa/ 07 October 2016


Water shortage has become a nightmare to the community of Mmaditlhokwa this days as provision of water is now limited. Boreholes that were installed  by farm owners when farming was the heart of the community are slowly driving up. Five boreholes were provided and only two are functional.

It’s worse during weekends and this means residents have to access water elsewhere. When placing a complaint the response would be that water pipes are being stolen.

We also experience polluted water as a result of mining activities.  One has to use foam bath as it helps to separate the dust and other pollutants in the water and  its expensive for us, as the community is largely comprised by unemployed residents.  The water  is very bad for human consumption due to its bad salty  taste which has resulted in some of us having tummy bugs/dirty water related sickness.


The water is white in color which leaves our storage buckets with terrible marks which may be regarded as carelessness by those who do not understand. We use the same water as we have no other choice but to meet our human nurture and meet our body needs of hydration and cleanness.