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Water is life

Community Alerts/ Mathapelo/Limpopo/ 04 October 2016


During our travel doing researches about our rivers this is our findings. Limpopo province at Tubatse municipality.

We started in Tubatse river where we find the children  from Alberton swimming in the river  enjoying themselves  what bother us is the river  is polluted by the mines from steelpoort area . And this people also drink this water not because  they like but because  they don’t have a choice yes it is true. We also find out that people,from Magobading, Sekutlong sehunyane,Modubeng and motloulela drink  the water from mites river that is also polluted  by several mines in our area Marula, Twickenham, Smoked hills and Dilokong mine. People drinking this water is not that they don’t  know but they don’t have alternative as we where at Twickenham  stream that is called  seraganeng  we find another cow dead in the stream, the water that flows to Motse river  that community drink everyday. Motse River it flows to Lepelle (olifant) if community ignores situation like this I don’t see the future.