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Experiencing Terrible Smell from Sebokeng Works

Community alert/ Sthuntsha Mokoena / Vaal/25 November 2016


Sebokeng Works is a facility for sewerage collection, the system function to remove waste water from its origin point to a treatment facility. The facility is currently being upgraded to a tertiary facility. For the past 8 month people are experiencing terrible smell, then we interviewed one lady Miss Makgale from Zone 24 (ward 27)”Our children are suffering from the smell. Sometimes they vomit and are nosier” she said.

This smell reaches Zone 11,12,13,14,16 as far as Zone 7 and Zone 10 also.  On the 08th November 2016, I attended Riut Spruit Forum and Mr George, from Sebokeng Works Manager said “somebody had trespassed the facility and light the veldfire, that fire caught up with our dry beds lagoons, once the lagoons started burning they never stopped, even as we speak they are still burning and this is the reason why we are having this terrible smell”, He said.