Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Water is life

Community Alert/Buda/ Rusternburg- North West/08 November 2016


History reveals Motlhabe village to be one of the most crimeless communities. Today because of the overcrowding caused by mines operating nearby the village, crime levels have increased and affect the community in so many different ways.

Access to water is a very big issue in this community, the entire community uses 1 borehole, in the past week it happened that an engine that is used for the borehole got stolen, it hasn’t been replaced yet, at the present day, we have to buy water very expensive, we the unemployed find it difficult to buy food, now how are we going afford to buy water.

In the olden days life wasn’t perfect but it was far much better than today, Le mpilo Le siyi philayo namhla. Rivers used to flow 365 days a year, the was no electricity Bill and crime