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We buy electricity with high rates from a private company

Community Alert/Modise Tlhako/Dominionville-North West/10 November 2016


Dominionville is a small village in Northwet province found in Dr KK khauda district in Matlosana local municipality. The village consist of the white and black community

Dominionville is getting its electricity services from the service provider called Dirk Phyl investment (PTY)Ltd. The service provider is also rendering services such as waste removal and water to the little town of Dominionvile were the white community is residing .The Dirk Phyl investment(PTY)Ltd is buying electricity from Eskom in bulks which will be transferred to Dominionville substation. It  is believed that the private substation belongs to Dirk Phyl investment(PTY) Ltd.

The Dominionville post office which is not clear as to whether is a private post office or state owned enterprise? Is being utilized as a service point for paying electricity bills by Dirk Phyl investment (PTY) Ltd. People have to buy their own meter boxes and cable lines for them to get the electricity connection which they charge R190, 00 per unit price and also an amount of R86,65 of basics services which are fruitless payment as that their not receiving that services. It create some difficulties to the black community as majority are unemployed.

Dominionville black community consist of 110 household and only 32 household are having electricity out of 110 household.

The electricity is very weak as they are using and old system which one can say is illegal, sometimes the electricity switch  itself on and off unexpectedly as result it damages the peoples electric appliances, and the meter box itself got damaged and people will have to replace at their own expenses.

The people who does not have electricity are facing challenges as they to go around the place to find the wood which is scared, the community is also relying on paraffin’s which they wait a long time to receive them from the local municipality as an alternative energy.

“Not yet Uhuru”