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The sinkhole on the Danielskuil road-Northern Cape

Community Alerts/ Patrick Masilo/ Northern Capa- Kuruman/17 January 2017


A massive sinkhole on the Farm Mount Carmel located about 55 km South of Kuruman, in the Northern Cape has been increasing in size since Saturday. The sinkhole on the Danielskuil road is continuing to be a worrying factor. The department of road said they will send a team of professionals to monitor the situation day and night; this is due to the fact that more rain is expected and might increase the risks. At the moment its business as usual on the road, even the trucks are passing over. The are massive passages between big rocks, it shows that the is tunnel or cave because is flowing like in the river water is going down and when you throw the stone you can hear the eco of it. This sinkhole is going towards the direction of the houses of the residents of that farm located 1 km away. The people live stock is threatened and not safe at all. Even the mountains that are surrounded by the sinkhole, appear to be not natural, they are in a form of an old mining dumping hills or site. I believe it was a mine long time ago, after looting the minerals the company which was rehabilitating did not do proper job. This is how mining operate in this country. The people in Gamopedi are dying because of asbestos; it is the same thing that is happening with the sinkhole. We are on top of our grave we can dye at any time.