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Community living on top of tailing and using Acid Mine drainage as a pool

Community Alerts/Sabatini Motloung/Ekurhuleni-EEO/22 February 2017

A place in Germiston called Jerusalem where community people live beside and on top of the tailings dam. They are not aware of the dangers of AMD. They live there because the Gold One mine did not rehabilitate their land and did not do proper waste management.



Vlakfontein AMD polluted stream that passes through ext5 and 6. The community uses the water for laundry and irrigation.


Vlakfontein slime dam that turned into a zama zama area. It is near the community of Barcelona and Ext3. Gang battles affect community members.


Ghost hotel in the community of Tornado that was used by miners is now a place for smoking drugs and a rape and crime hot spot.


Jabulani park in Angelo. Children play in a dusty environment when it’s windy because of the tailings dam in their area. Cases of asthma were reported and 4 out of 12 children are affected.


Delmore Park residents live in the vicinity of a tailings dam left by Primrose gold mine. People contract asthma and skin diseases due to contaminated dust particles.



Daggafontein stagnant AMD water that threatens the lives of children who treat the AMD as a swimming pool. Parents loose children from time to time because of this dangerous water. The community tried numerous times to ask government to barricade this dam since 2012 and it still remains a threat to the communities.