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Coal slowly depleting which means job loss and SA possibly running on nuclear soon

Community Alerts/Lorraine Kakaza/Mpumalanga/16 March 2017

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Alert to all people around Highveld region which is Emalahleni and nearby places like Emakhazeni/Belfast people will lose their job cause the life span of coal is coming to an end as from the 20/21 of march 2017 many people will be retrenched mainly truck drivers and this will affect South Africa, this is a serious problem cause people will lose their tenders and might lead to conflict. I’m wondering about all the power station operations as they generate electricity from coal, what is our Government going to say will South Africa run on nuclear ,what will happen to BP garages ,or people will start to flock to our neighboring countries like Maputo to look for an employment  people must also ask questions what will happen to Duvha power station, Emajuba power station, Kusile power station ,Medupi power station ,Kriel power station ,Matla power station and others this will affect the youth who are on shut downs what will happen to our municipalities are they going to continue with the electricity load shedding !!!!