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“Mining is not a solution but a community cost” community affected by dusty unpaved roads

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/04 April 2017



85Kilometres away from Rustenburg, a hidden village named Motlhabe under the Moses Kotane local municipality established in 1932 after being forcefully relocated by the apartheid government from their original area, Motlhabe is a mine hosting area(Pilanesburg Platinum Mine 2-3 kilos from the community)

The mine started its operation in 2008, ever since the mine has been around the community has been facing a numerous problems from the mining activities, during proposal promises were made, people were promised jobs, better roads, street lights and more improvements, but in results they provided with the worst.

The community is badly affected by  the dusty un-tarred roads, the dust affects mostly the ones who live next to the main roads as the dust goes in their houses, furniture is always dusty, the inhalation of dust causes us different lung diseases and babies are also born Asthmatic.

The Sad part of it all is that the community they can not see that mining is not a solution but a community cost. Mining must benefit the local communities as it affects their life’s the most and the government must also take part on supporting the community.