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Babcock power Line Company not takes advantage of the land but of its workers too

Community Alerts/ Francina Nkosi/Lephalale-Limpopo/28 April 2017



Steenbokpan (Lephalale) is a rural area with many farms; projects intend to take advantage of the land. Babcock is a Power line company that got a Sup from ALOS the main contractor from ESKOM. It arrived at Steenbokpan  (Leseding) on the 14th June 2016 for the second time and started working on the 16th June 2016 .

There was no community consultation from Babcock. When it decided to bring 100 workers whom are staying at LETSEDI LODGE were by some are renting at Leseding community.

Workers were given renewable 3 months contract and are being paid every two weeks at the beginning but when they were busy working the contract was changed to 1 month, which they never discussed it with the workers.

On the contract it states that starting time is 7H00am but they are needed at the gate at 05H30 am they close the gate at 05H45 if you are not there , that means you are absent meaning you will be given a written warning .

Picture below shows how they spend their salaries