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Community of Manametse meeting organized by Government Facilitating Task Team

Community Alerts/Gilbert Moela/Limpopo/18 May 2017

Yesterday the community of Monametse Village held a meeting which was organized by Government Facilitating Task Team (GFTT). DMR was represented by two delegates with one of them was dealing with mine legislation whilst the other one dealing with environmental issues. The gentleman mentioned that during his environmental investigations he has found out that the dust in and around the mining community is well within the regulated standards although they use technical equipment to assess the dust it doesn’t mean the dust can’t affect the community. He actually said the dust can be in the regulated standard but it can also be harmful to the society. He promised to bring with him Mine Health and Hygienic specialist from DMR to access the impacts. He also mentioned the same thing with the cracked houses during our one on one discussion. Say the mine can blast within the regulated standards but that can also have impacts on cracked houses also it’s a hard case to prove. By Gilbert Moela