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Her absence left homeless

Community Alerts/ Bongiwe /Mpumalanga/17 May 2017

This is a sad story of Miss Nkosi of Barberton in Mpumalanga (Sincobile Village) next to Fairview Mines. I visited Sincobile on Tuesday 16 May 2017 to find how the Fairview Mine affects the nearby community Sincobile. I learnt that they are more affected by the poor Municipal Service Delivery and more of land issues.

Miss Thulisile Nkosi has been a community member of this Village since 1991.The land by then had not been properly planned for inhabitants hence a few years later they were removed from their down side of the place and relocated on the far right upper side of this place, next to the main road from Barberton to the Maputo corridor N4.Miss Nkosi had a very sick baby by then so she was transferred to the Government Hospital in Pretoria (Baragwanath) due to critical medical conditions. She left behind her three children, while the relocation happened in her absence.

Her children were moved to a relatives’ house unlike the rest of the residents who were given another portion of land. She was alerted by her relative that she had no new place to stay; she couldn’t come back by then as her daughter was still sick and didn’t have the funds to travel. Eventually she came back after 3 weeks of the incident she was told that they couldn’t relocate her as she was away. She went from pillar to post in finding a way to solve this problem; she talked to the Ward Councillor by then Mr Tailor Nkosi and involved Social workers but to no vain.

After having failed to get the house as per relocation she stayed by her mother’s house for a while and then rented a place around. And this is her stick and mud house she built for she in this land that doesn’t belong to her. She stays with her 5 children in this small house. She is a single mother to make matters worse and amongst her children there’s a  teenage boy so life is difficult, had it not been for her sick daughter she could have been allocated a piece of land when people were relocated. By Bongiwe