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Mantjekane herdsmen speaks about loss of their livestock since the mine operations

Community Alerts/Mathapelo/Limpopo/16 May 2017

On the 16th May I visited one of the villages that are affected by the Hackney shaft operations.

Mr Koma lost his cows since the mining operations, he is now stress and ready to fight these injustices that they are going through. He has 6 children, they reside less than 200m away from the mine. The community of Mantjekane was promised jobs but even today no one from Mr Koma’s family has worked at Anglo Hackney shaft.  He also mentioned that the mine came to his house and took pictures and published them on a mine magazine.

As we continue to interview Mr Koma became very emotional when  he told me how one of his cow was found at the mine stream where mine people dug a hole and buried his and cow, luckily he was able to see where it was buried and identify his and, he was deeply hurt. He lost another cow that he found at the mine stream and took home as he saw that is helpful to report it to the mine, He used it for meat (fofotsa)  to eat with  the family. He lost 3 cows in 2015 showed me where he buried one cow next to the kraal that died in the beginning of March this year and the calf that died on the 12th May buried it.

His wish is for the mine to give them clean water from Lebalelo (company) pipe that the mine has at their premises and the mine to build a hall fence where their water from underground will be purified and re-used. He also used to have many goats but now he is left with only 7. He says “this community we buy water for our livestock and when they return in the afternoon so that they will have energy”. By Mathapelo- Limpopo Sekhukhune

And his book where he keep records of his livestock.


Water bought to ensure the health of livestock