Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Mine rep to the community, “we not responsible for any cracks in your homes”

Community Alerts/Uenice Mampa/GaMampa -Limpopo/11 May 2017


The community of Ga Mampa Sekgobela section decided to go at Polokwane DMR to report Mr John Daly and DMR called Mr. John Daly and they forced him to meet with them because they are directly affected by Sefateng mine and they went to meet him today and we will hear report after today’s meeting

And on the side of relocates people only 3 houses agreed that mine can build a house for them and other six has given money and build house for them.

Feedback from Sefateng mine Mr John Daly told committee leaders that he is not responsible for any cracks at our homes and he did homes visit today telling our parents to sign his forms so that he should continue to work at our farm. He promised to take one person at each household, they are going to separate stones from the chrome and he is going to give the R2500 per month